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Ela Quality Resort became entitled to receive EUROSPA WELLNESS certificate, which is the certificate for European spa quality and standards, thanks to AB-I ZEN Spa & Rituals Lounge within its company structure, and its service and infrastructure quality.

European Spa Quality Director Dr: Kurt von Storch and Turkish Spa, Thalasso and Cure Association Chairman Prof. Dr. Zeki Karagülle and Ela Quality Resort Hotel Operating Manager Murat Kodan and Spa Manager Bora Özkurt were present at the award ceremony organized at Ela Quality Resort Hotel in Belek, the precious tourism centre of Turkey, where the emerald colour of pine forests and the turquoise colour of Mediterranean blend.

Ab-ı Zen Spa & Lounge, which is a brand of Ela Quality Resort Hotel, was awarded with the EUROPESPA WELLNESS certificate by the European Spa Union, the most important certification institution of Europe in this field, thanks to its service and infrastructure quality. Ela Quality Resort Hotel welcomes its guests in the AB-I ZEN Spa & Wellness centre and proudly presents the unique infrastructure and highly trained staff. It will be included in web pages connected with this organisation, the list of their recommended hotels and the web sites of tour operators in the field of health tourism in Europe, and can be found through search engines thanks to this certificate.

“400 requirements were successfully fulfilled”

European Spa Union Quality Director Dr. Kurt von Storch, who made a speech at the award ceremony, stated that the compliance with 400 different requirements such as safety, hygiene, infrastructure and equipment, therapy, physical structure and service quality applicable in all countries is defined as SPA; that Ela Quality Resort Hotel proved it meets European SPA quality standards by passing all these stages during inspections and audits, and that it became entitled to receive this certificate. Storch, who pointed out to the significance of being awarded this certificate by European Spa Union as a non-profit organisation, stated that "The leading tour operators of Europe consider these certificates and direct their customers to hotels in possession of EUROSPA WELLNESS certificate. The best hotels in Europe are under our umbrella, it is a real privilege to have this certificate”.

“Only 3 resorts in Turkey have this certificate”

Turkish Spa, Thalasso and Cure Association Chairman Prof. Dr. Zeki Karagülle stated in his speech that the term SPA means a wellness concept which blends health and rest together, and is gaining considerable attention worldwide; that tourism facilities operating in this field come into prominence. Mr. Karagülle, who stated that the European Spa Union in Brussels, of which Turkish Spa, Thalasso and Cure Association is a member, has 22 member countries, pointed out that quality criteria were implemented in thermal and Spa – Wellness fields in Europe for over 5 years and only 40 facilities possessed such certificate in Europe despite the fact that the European Spa Union has 2000 member hotels, and that only 3 facilities apart from the Ela Quality Resort Hotel became entitled to receive such certificate in Turkey.

“The Ela Quality Resort is on European Standard”

Mr. Karagülle stated that the certification process was very severe, and 400 criteria were considered during inspections, and pointed out that at least 80 points from 100 had to be achieved during assessments. Ela Quality Resort Hotel became entitled to receive EUROPESPA WELLNESS certificate by successfully fulfilling such criteria. Karagülle said: "Turkey has an important place in health tourism. Antalya shall be the shining star of SPA-Welness in the future. Ela Quality Resort Hotel received this certificate thanks to its quality in compliance with European standards as a whole".

“100 percent natural”

AB-I ZEN Spa & Rituals Lounge, designed for complete resting and spiritual balance, uses 100% organic and natural products in one hundred and sixty different care and massage treatments.

Bora Özkurt, Manager of Ab-ı Zen Spa & Rituals Lounge, which is a brand of Ela Quality Resort, also provided information on the centre. Özkurt pointed out that Ab-ı Zen, which means small pond in Ottoman Turkish, has a total of 27 treatment rooms, 22 indoors and 5 outdoors, built on an area of 4500 square metres; he pointed out that the Ela Quality Resort with its individual service philosophy was the “apple of the eye” of the tourism and that the SPA certificate was a privilege. 100% natural products would be used in the spa centre and that respect to nature was the most important characteristic.

Mr. Özkurt continued:

“These works, carried out during the development process of the spa sector in Turkey, are of great importance. AB-I ZEN was designed as a new generation spa and we continue to improve our spa service offer further every year. New generation SPA centres comprise holistic applications, meaning that physical exercise, diet and therapy applications are offered as a whole. We primarily composed all services that should be in a spa centre, and we standardized those services. This certificate awarded to us by European Spa Union is a proof of compliance of our spa centre with European standards. And we continue our works to go further beyond these standards. We want to become an excellent spa brand in Europe by continuing to develop and renew our spa product every year.”

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