Immersed In Serenity

Immersed In Serenity

AB-I ZEN Spa & Wellness is truly an oasis of brilliant architecture set on 4500 m² for guests who want to relax with great massages and therapies.

AB-I ZEN offers 150 treatments and therapies in which it uses 100% organic and natural products. Come and discover the mesmerising world of water.

An oasis where you want to feel good about yourself surprised at any moment. AB-I ZEN Spa & Rituals Lounge, meet unique experience in hosting exotic features.


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Treatments And Therapies

Massage And Holistic Rituals

Involves all manipulations for physical and spiritual relaxation.

AB-I ZEN Spa Centre's massage treatments will surround you in wonderful sensations and the rejuvenating powers of nature which will linger even after your holiday.

Magnificent massages like the hot oil massage done with natural oils, the traditional Thai massage, Bali massage, aromatherapy massages and Shiatsu will captivate your soul and carry you away from the real world... Children can also indulge in this privilege with special children's massages.

Facial Treatments

AB-I ZEN SPA offers a wide selection of exclusive treatments such as nature's solutions to healthy skin, advanced performance treatments, repairing lift-off masks and basic treatments that have visible results.

The spa centre also offers a wide range of treatments for those who want to treat themselves to luxury with anti-ageing treatments, eye care treatments, balancing skin therapies, a 24-carat gold facials, caviar facials and vitamin facials.

Body Treatments

AB-I ZEN SPA is equipped with the most advanced face and body shaping, cellulite treatment and fat burning device, the Power Shape II, which promotes weight loss, burning of regional fat depositions and getting rid of cellulite as well as regenerating collagen and shaping the face and body.

Turkish Bath And Water Rituals

Ab-ı Lal, Keyf-i Arz, Dü A-lem are only some of the wonderful rituals that will carry you away from the stress of daily life. Those who love the Turkish bath must try the Hamam-ı Keyf therapy in the VIP Turkish bath.

Saloon Treatments



Why Ela Quality Resort SPA
Rooted In Wellness Heritage

AB-I ZEN SPA is full of great facilities that will boost your quality of life and energy.

Reviving Ancient Hammam Tradition

Turkish indulgence blends remedial heat, cleansing and relaxation in exquisite hammam rituals.

Healing With Ayurvedic Treatments

Results-driven Ayurvedic therapies restore natural balance and radiance at any time given.



To Feel Healthier

A world dedicated to "wellness" to feel healthier, look better and to unite the body and soul in peace...

AB-I ZEN SPA is full of great facilities that will boost your quality of life and energy including a fitness centre, spa, massages, showers, nutrition consultancy, skincare, body care, Turkish bath, sauna, swimming, walking, consultations and personalised workouts.