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Joyful Playground

Joyful Playground
Kids World

Everland Q Kids Club, the amazing activity and entertainment complex designed for kids and teenagers, has everything to make kids feel special.

Kids who are a member of the Everland Q Kids Club get to play while learning and learn while playing with day-long activities.

Everything at Everland Q is designed for kids so that they can make new friends, play with kids their own age without needing their family and jump into a world of imagination. At Everland Q Kids Club, your children will also get to make the best of their Ela Resort holiday.

Kids World

Differences Of Everland Q

Unique Features

Everland Q consists of privileged sections and services for the unique holiday fun of our guests between 1 and 17 years of age.

Everland Q check-in procedures are performed with specially designed registration cards, every detail about the guest is written down during registration and the badge that will be used during the stay is handed over. Families can get information about the activities of the kids club at this desk.


At Everland Q, your children are under supervision of a professional team consisting of child tutors and child animators.

Parents, who wish to see their children at any time, can watch them live via the camera systems in the Everland Q on the channels of the TV in their rooms or with an application from the smart phone.

Kids Restaurant

The buffet, tables and chairs are just their size! Here, kids are served a special lunch and dinner buffet, and have great ice-cream, cake, pastry and fruit service hours. The Kids Restaurant, designed to provide kids with a special area to eat healthy and fun food, is just one of the privileged services we provide for our cherished children.

Kids Reception

Our junior guests are greeted at the specially-designed Everland Q Kids Reception, where they can register and then follow Everland Q mascot Teddy's footprints all the way to Everland Q Kids Club.

Everland Q City

Virtual Tour

Activities & Events
Kite Festival

At each 30th of August, the day of the victory, a traditional dragon's party takes place where we decorate the sky with coloured dragons and divide the wonderful green holiday mood with all age groups.

Bubbles Activity

We have great summer days on beautiful green grass with an all-time children's favourite: bubbles!

Recycling Activity

Kids have a great time using their imagination and learn while they play with the recycling activity.

Treasure Hunt

Every two weeks, we have a great treasure hunt game held in a specially decorated area. This is the first treasure hunt game in Turkey!

Interactive Shows

Kids of every age are invited to Everland Q Kids Club to take part in amazing costume shows, kids fashion shows and musicals prepared by choreographs!

Children's Festival

Let's meet up at Everland Q's garden for a fantastic festival full of fun and colourful activities and games including inflatable playgrounds, magician shows, animators on stilts, clowns and much more!

Birthday Parties

Balloons, confetti, cake, music, dance and fun! Have a fantastic birthday party for your kids with great games and fun at Everland Q!

Q City


Q City

Q CITY as the first child city of Mediterranean has been designed using the concept EDUTAINMENT (Education&Entertainment) meaning "Entertainment and Education".

The architecture of Q CITY consists of occupational units as a miniature real world: Hospital, Fire Station, Dental Clinic and Fashion Design Atelier. Such units will be extended with a Bank, Ice Cream Factory and Space center during the new season.


Our minor guests as Q CITY citizens who take their passports from Q CITY check-in point, could earn and spend Q MONEY by way of working in the lines of work that have been planned for them entirely under surveillance of their trainers. They go through a different story in every single section and act actively within the story by wearing their special occupational costumes. As a result, they could both learn and have fun.

Kids World

Fun Rooms

Everland Q City Activity Room

Board games, game boxes and arts & crafts activities will keep your child amused for hours, making it the perfect family holiday where everyone has fun!