Quality And Environment - Ela Quality Resort Hotel


To be an organisation that aims to be the leader in the sector and in the region; to establish the “Ela” identity, and ensure its continuity by

  • * Focusing on guest and employee satisfaction,
  • * Prioritising quality human resources,
  • * Cooperating with other organisations,
  • * Fulfilling the legal and administrative conditions required in Food Safety and Environmental Management operations,
  • * Being aware of the responsibilities demanded for a sustainable environment,
  • * Ensuring controlled consumption based on environmental awareness formed by individual and public responsibility, and contributing to recycling by minimising or separating wastes,
  • * Improving targets continuously through an innovative and distinctive approach, and
  • * Continuously improving the Integrated Quality Management System.


As Ela Quality Resort Belek, we carry out traditional activities as well as dynamic environmental protection studies that benefit humanity and the environment.

We are aware that our work can help leave a balanced effect in the region regarding socio-cultural, economic and ecological issues.

Ela Quality Resort Belek is aware of this responsibility, and will continue to carry this duty to future generations.

Humanity and the environment are of the utmost importance for Ela Quality Resort Belek.

We strive to ensure that our guests experience Turkish hospitality at its finest, and feel at home. At the same time, we want to create a culture that encourages the protection of nature, clean beaches, clean air, and lowered consumption of natural resources, and continue to advance that culture. We promise our employees and our guests that we will not discriminate against them according to religion, language or race. We will create an appropriate working environment for our staff, providing work safety training along with personal safety gear and equipment.

We consider the sustainability awareness of our partners, our guests and the local public in accordance with current laws and administrative legislation, and we are aware that the studies we conduct have a successful foundation. As such, we notify our partners and support their active sustainability ideas.

We prioritise the following actions:
  • * Recycling wastes
  • * Checking the use of sources such as water, electricity, etc.; and promoting activities towards reduced energy and water consumption each year
  • * Purchasing environmentally friendly products
  • * Utilising environmentally friendly technologies
  • * Purchasing local products
  • * Employing staff from the local community whenever possible
  • * Supporting local initiatives and activities

Nature is the inheritance we bequeath to future generations.

Ela Quality Resort Belek

  • * Lies within the living and reproduction environment of the Caretta Caretta sea turtles, and protects them.
  • * Provides a natural living habitat for fish in the pond by the Enderun Restaurant.
  • * Provides water and energy saving with drip irrigation watering systems in the gardens.
  • * Offers towel and bed sheet conservation applications in rooms.
  • * Has Energy Saver systems in its rooms.
  • * Prefers disinfection with ozone, rather than using chlorine that pollutes the environment.
  • * Uses energy saver bulbs and LED illumination systems.
  • * Organises activities in the Everland Q Kids Club to introduce children to nature, and develop their environmental awareness.
  • * Produces a significant amount of its electricity thanks to the cogeneration system, and also provides steam and water heating with this system.
  • * Prioritises the separation of wastes at their source by placing separation waste bins in general areas.

You may contribute to the support of the protection of cultural sites by paying the entrance fee. The entrance fee also supports the preservation and restoration of these sites.

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