Addition Date : 18.06.2009 08:02:00

Having brought a breath of fresh air to the Turkish Tourism with a great opening ceremony in 2007, our hotel greeted the third season after two successful seasons with the traditional summer opening party.

The Ela Hotel believes that investment in human resources is the basic element for any success, naturally in our field, too. Our staff receives extensive training in our Academy Q every year before opeing the season. We are proud to welcome and pamper our guests with an even better qualified and successful team.

The employees of the Antalya branch offices of the leading tour operators and travel agencies from different markets extending from the Europe to the Balkans, from Scandinavia to the Baltic States, and from CIS countries to the Middle East Countries as well as the press and media representatives came together at Ela Quality Resort on the weekend of May 23-24.

The Shaman Show in the amphitheatre after the Barbecue Party held on the meadow won great recognition. While the rhythm of the night increased gradually in the dock party where the music and dance united, the DJ performance that turned into an unforgettable audiovisual show with the violin show and the laser created a great ambience. The breakfast accompanied by harp music on the lawn was taken in the morning of the party that lasted until the early hours of the morning. A cheerful start into the tourism season for the representatives of the tourism sector.

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