8 Awards at the 7th International Istanbul Gastronomy Feast - 2008


Having previously received numerous prizes, Ela Quality Resort Hotel again won several awards at the 7th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival, which assembles professional cooks and gastronomy-lovers.

The competition, attended by 1200 cooks from Turkey and 800 cooks from 20 foreign countries in 2008, is considered one of the most important competitions in this field. In the festival which began on March 21, 1684 cooks from numerous countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Azerbaijan, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, and Romania participated in the various categories. The 150 international chefs of the jury awarded the Ela Quality Resort team in several categories.

In the competition, Ela Quality Resort Hotel was represented by the executive sous chef, Muzaffer Aydın, who was also in the national team of cooks, the chef of French cuisine, Ferhat Ülker and the kitchen decoration artist, Abdi Gündüz .

The team presented examples of the Ottoman palace cuisine of the hotel and left behind 40 rival teams including 20 national and 20 foreign teams. It was awarded with the gold medal in the section of Masters of Lamb Dishes with its dish of “Pekmezde Pişirilmiş Ayva Eşliğinde Kuzu Küşnemesi” (Lamb Cooked in Grape Molasses with Quince) from the menu of our Kuşhane à la carte restaurant.

The dish named “Somon Kek Üzerine Morel Mantarı Dolması” (Stuffed Morel Mushroom on Salmon Cake) offered in the menu of La Passion à la carte restaurant was awarded the bronze medal in the Masters of Mushroom Dishes Section (no gold medal was awarded in this category).

Another category where no gold medal was awarded was the modern cuisine. Here, the dish named “Bıldırcına Sarılı Karides ve Taze Baharatlarla Panelenmiş Dana Bonfilesi” (Shrimp Wrapped in Quails and Breaded Veal Steak Blended with Fresh Spices) offered in the menu of La Perla Italian à la carte restaurant of the hotel won the Ela Quality Resort team to be the silver medal. The winning team also succeeded to get two merit prizes in the local-original cuisine category with the dish named “Balık İslim Kebabı” (Fish Wrapped in Eggplant Slices) offered in the menu of Kuşhane à la carte restaurant and the dish named “Bal ve Susamla Panelenmiş Somon Balığı” (Salmon Breaded with Honey and Sesame) served in our Teppanyaki Hida Japanese à la carte restaurant.

The kitchen team of Ela Quality Resort Hotel that has been allowing its guests to set out on a virtual culinary journey with its different tastes that is has been offering from the very first day of its foundation, has not only “gilded” its recipes, but also turned the tasteful dishes that they served into a visual feast and won another two gold medals in the category ice and vegetable carving.
We do not offer imitation dishes, but genuine Turkish and international cuisine.

Having been highly assertive with its “food and beverage” concept from the beginning, Ela Quality Resort Hotel houses 7 very different à la carte restaurants apart from the main restaurant. The seafood, Aegean, Mexican, Italian, French, Japanese, and Ottoman cuisines are the culinary “stations of taste” that should be visited at Ela.
The “Teppanyaki Hida” Japanese à la carte restaurant has been the the top spot in this sector thanks to both its equipment and architecture as well as the services provided, and the Kuşhane Ottoman à la carte restaurant certified by the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs are our à la carte restaurants that should be visited at least once by everyone.

The award-winning recipes are waiting for you at Ela Quality Resort Hotel.

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